Episode 106: The Importance of Mentors and Relationships with Victoria Racca

Mar 20, 2022


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out how a mentor can help you clarify your goals, be consistent, and hold you accountable for success.
  • Hear how you can open your mind to more impactful possibilities and uplevel your beauty business dreams. 
  • Learn how to create connections, partnerships, and collaborations for your business' growth.


Have you thought about hiring a mentor to help guide you and your business to the next level?

Are you nervous about investing in your business or yourself?

Do you find it challenging to connect with people for possible partnerships and collaborations?


Victoria Racca, a.k.a Victoria Glam, owns the Microblading Institute in Louisiana, with affiliates in Texas and Florida. She also owns brow sister PMU products, and they manufacture pink gel, the new anesthetic.

In today's episode, Victoria shares her inspirational journey of investing in mentorship that allowed her company to grow from what it used to earn to way...

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Episode 105: Tik Tok, IG Reels, and Short-form Video with Kayla Hertz

Feb 22, 2022


What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Discover practical tactics, tricks, and tips for TikTok and IG Reels so you can communicate in seconds what you want your audience to know.
  • Find out why you should consider reposting and repurposing your old videos in short-form style.
  • Learn how you can use hashtags to find the right people, and pique their interest, so they ultimately do business with you.


With people’s short attention span, how do you capture attention? 

Are you worried that you can’t do TikTok videos and Instagram Reels because you feel awkward dancing or creating video content on these platforms? 

Do you want to work smarter to create videos that genuinely resonate with your audience?

Kayla Hertz is a Lash Artist/Educator and Esthetician in Vancouver Washington and the owner of KK Artistry. She joined the beauty industry in 2015 and specializes in classic and volume eyelash extensions and brow shaping/waxing. Kayla is an educator...

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Episode 104: Self-Awareness & Discipline for Success with Beauty Boss Jody Stoski

Feb 18, 2022


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover the best way to guard yourself against negativity and instead focus your energy on growing your beauty business.
  • Hear how extreme self-awareness can help take your business to a new level.
  • Learn how specializing skills create a loyal client base for your beauty business' success rather than offering generic services.


Do you want people flocking to you and creating buzz for your services with constant referrals?

Do you want to become an industry leader and create a loyal client base?

With popularity comes haters, so how do you create a buffer from the negativity and remain undaunted from all the criticisms thrown at you?

Are you ready to find out how to become self-aware so that you can become a stronger beauty business owner?

Jody Stoski is an AAM Certified artist with over 15 tattoo and makeup artistry course certifications and over 13 years of experience in the cosmetic and paramedical tattoo industry. After...

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Episode 103 How to Deal with a Copycat in Business with Ali Lilly

Feb 09, 2022


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn the essentials for successfully rebranding your business.
  • Hear stories of beauty brand copying and lessons learned from the high cost of brand/product infringement.
  • Find out how to protect yourself from copycats and imitators to safeguard your brand and your business' profitability.


Our brand look and vibe often change as we grow and evolve personally. Sometimes, you may figure it out initially, or you may need to reassess.

Do you feel like others have copied or mimicked your business ideas? How did you handle it?

Do you feel like you need a brand image or a complete change in your business?


Ali Lilly is the founder of Lash Anarchist and the host of the Lashes and Bullsh*t podcast. She is a lash professional who turned educator to help other lash professionals grow their businesses. 

In this episode, Ali shares some fantastic advice on branding and what to do about copycats. She also reveals her self-awareness...

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Episode 102: The Latest Instagram Updates 2022

Feb 08, 2022

What you will learn from this episode:
  • Learn about the latest Instagram changes to help your beauty business.
  • Discover the new interactive feature updates this social media platform just rolled out.
  • Find out the perfect changes for small businesses and the advantage for those without a large audience of followers.



Are you up-to-date with the newest Instagram?


Have you been maximizing video on the Instagram platform to promote your services?


Have you been frustrated with the algorithm?


This episode will give you the low-down info of the Instagram changes to help your beauty business attract more clients.



Topics Covered:

1:06 - Instagram changes

2:59 - How context switching lose your momentum

4:01 - Filter's pros and cons

4:55 - IG for Kids

6:08 - Sensitivity Control

7:04 - Rage shake

7:42 - Creator Monetization

16:35 - Reels

18:12 - Algorithm changes

20:15 - Three new feed (3) options

21:53 - More recommendations based on the likes...

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Episode 101 Hiring Family Members and Working with Your Spouse with Ashley Gonzalez

Feb 01, 2022


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn about the benefits and potential pitfalls when hiring family members, as well as how to navigate through the struggles of having a spouse join you in your beauty business.  
  • Discover the three most important factors you must do with your marketing to build your brand.
  • Find out a business model that remains resilient even amidst a pandemic and economic crisis.


Do you ever wonder what it would be like having a spouse work for you in your beauty business? Or any family member, for that matter?

Have you thought of hiring a relative or friend to work with you to grow your business? Is it even a good idea to be partnering with them, or is it a disaster in the making with unseen pitfalls?

In this episode, Ashley Gonzalez shares how she created a demand for her beauty service eyelash business that led to turning clients away before she realized she needed to hire help. 

As the pandemic started, and when other...

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Episode 100: Celebrating 100th - Revealing the Top 5 Most downloaded Episodes

Jan 25, 2022


What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Behind the scenes of why I started the podcast and all of the ups and downs.
  • Reviewing the top favorites out of the last 100 episodes that you should listen to for your business growth.
  • Hear important lessons from starting and growing a podcast that relates to how you can execute your marketing for a profitable business.
  • What I think about failure and it’s different than you might have thought. 


It's a celebration!  

Yes, we've reached 100 episodes! 

We are so ecstatic about this achievement.  

It's interesting to know that not many make it this far. 

And we are so grateful to you, our dear listeners, for making this happen.  

We are joyful about this milestone!  We invite you to join April in this episode as she shares the lessons learned in her podcasting journey and how it relates to your business growth.   

Not only that, we've rounded up the most...

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Episode 99 How Numbers Can Affect Your Business

Jan 14, 2022


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out how you can use numbers with Numerology to help plan your content for the whole year.
  • Learn how to look out for the key numbers and cycles so you measure your business’ growth and scalability.
  • Discover how number cycles can bring more structure to your business and help align your goals with universal energy.


Have you heard of Numerology or the study of life cycles?

How can you use life path numbers to guide you in decision-making for your beauty business?

Are you curious to find out about Numerology for your beauty business?

In this episode, April shares how numbers can help you organize essential action steps and how she will use Numerology for content planning marketing throughout the year.


Topics Covered:

02:36 - Recommendation for your content plan for the whole year 

04:56 - How April got started in Numerology

05:37 - Making use of Numerology and applying numbers to help your beauty business


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Contest Giveaway Celebrating the 100th episode of Beauty Marketing Simplified Podcast

Jan 11, 2022

To enter please follow the brands/sponsors IG accounts as listed. There will be multiple winners. This contest is not affiliated with IG or FB.


Check out these PMU premier brands:

Ever After Beauty Supply

Website link: https://everafterbeautysupply.com



One (1x) PMU machine bundle (includes new Bishop PMU machine, Rose Gold ATOMX-R Power Supply

 & CXP19 Foot Switch), $1,199 retail value


Two (2x) Artist Kits $350 retail value – including carts, ENSO blades, and a mayo tray.



Ever After Pigments

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One (1x) Full Ever After Set (+$1200 retail)

Two (2x) Brow Sets ($380 retail) Includes Dark Magic, Beanstalk Brown, Earthbound, Woodland Elf, Hero, Huntsman Leather, Hidden Grove & Nutcracker


Two (2x) Lip Sets ($380 retail) Includes Divine Mauve, Passion, Flora, Love...

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Episode 98 How to Get More Repeat Clients

Jan 10, 2022


What you will learn from this episode:


  • Discover some proven processes to get clients excited to book your services consistently. 
  • Learn how to set up a system of reminders to ensure clients make it to their appointments without costly cancellations. 
  • Hear about cost-efficient ways of advertising your beauty business for a steady revenue flow.


Are you under constant pressure to attract more clients to book for your beauty services?

Do you find yourself worried about how you can keep a steady flow of income into your beauty business?

Are you ready to find out how you can get more client appointments consistently year after year?

Here's how these top beauty professionals, April Meese, Karen Betts, and Vicky Martin, fill their calendar, and get fully booked with repeat clients for increased income with less stress.


Topics Covered:

01:34 - What it means to create an amazing experience for your clients

04:15 - Finding value in building trust with...

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