Where are You Giving Away Your Power?

Feb 21, 2018

Tony Robbins has a quote, and he says that entrepreneurship and probably just business in general is “20% strategy and 80% mindset”. I say it’s 30% but hey, what’s a 10%. So if you think about that — 20% strategy, 80% mindset — it’s the part that we hardly ever focus on and it’s really, oftentimes, the ‘why we do what we do’. We’re going to dive deep and look into the things that we commonly do that might be holding you back in your business.
I know we talk about fear a lot. Part of that is just acknowledging it, right? And we’ll talk about some other things – some other what we call coping mechanisms that we’ve learned since we were infants, since we were child. And ways that we think about things that actually might be hurting us in our business.
I told you we are always giving out value on how to attract clients, but this one is really working on our mindset. So what does that mean? The patterns,...

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Five things PMU & Microblading Artists Need to Do to Make an Impact

Feb 01, 2018

Five things PMU & Microblading Artists Need to Do to Make an Impact

We all have a million and two hats that we're wearing. We are running our businesses, we are doing the marketing, we're customer service, sometimes we're the maid service. You know, we gotta clean, we're gonna do all of these things. But I'm gonna give you five things that are gonna make an impact on your business and again, this is just really geared to growing your business. Sound good?

First, we will classify microblading artists into two groups:
(a) Those who have good steady clients that are coming in, and are overwhelmed, trying to balance it and scale and uplevel
(b) Those who are in the beginning stage and are just struggling to make a name for themselves and to get their brand out there

Kind of really stand out in what's becoming an increasingly crowded market. So you're either in those two groups. People classified under Group number A are those just starting out, and they really want to get their...

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