I'm April and I help beauty professionals increase their income up to 50% or more with the AMP-lify Method, so you can have the business and lifestyle you love.

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These 3 Success Secrets are exactly what you need to know to stand out in a crowded market, position yourself to be recognized as an authority in your area, and increase your income.

You are a person that follows her heart & pursues her passion to help others!

You are an artist, an entrepreneur, and a woman with a vision!

Maybe you are trying hard and not seeing the results you desire in your business.

Maybe you are doubting yourself and your choices.

It is easy to lose hope if you don’t have a clear path of knowing what to do next (and what actually works) or if you don’t have support to get there.

Your dream career isn’t quite happening. YET!

You don’t need to struggle in silence while you watch others around you succeed!

I get it. I’ve been there! But trust me.

You CAN do it!

With a little help from my strategic systems, you'll be smiling with pride from all that you've achieved in no time.

Elsa Milani

Owner of Flawless Permanent Makeup by Elsa

“My business has grown a lot in the last year since training with April Meese. If we want to repeat success we need to learn from those that have done it. The best part of our training was all of the inside information. She goes into detail about what she is doing, why she is doing it, the different possibilities, and I learned a lot. She's very thorough, you can tell she cares and knows what she is doing. I've taken some training other places and felt like I wasted my money & time. I have been fortunate enough to have trained with a lot of amazing trainers, April is without a doubt one of my favorites and I would train with her again! I've trained with people who clearly just do it for the money and I've trained with true artists who are passionate and talented. Those are the ones you learn the most from! April is someone who is genuinely passionate and talented, to have someone like that as a mentor is priceless. You will learn a lot!”


So let’s start here (check all that apply)!

I'm here because I:

  1. need help attracting my dream clients and standing out in a crowded industry.
  2. want to learn the most effective techniques for marketing my business that won't take over my life.
  3. really want to tap into the power of an automated business so I can focus on serving my clients better and spend more time living my ideal lifestyle doing things I love!
  4. want to connect and establish strong relationships with strategic referral partners to be known as the "go to" artist in my area.
  5. know videos are a solid strategy for quickly growing my client base each month and I want to learn the techniques to be confident on camera.

GOOD NEWS, my friend!

There is no wrong answer. If any or all of the above apply, you’re in the right spot!

Elevate Program

The 6-week beauty business building  program with strategies, systems, and support to increase your income and impact by helping you become the go-to professional in your area.

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EXCEL-erate Mastermind

Yearly Mastermind that is by application only to take your beauty business to the next level after Elevate Your Beauty Business Program.  

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First-Aid Relief / Emergency Rescue

1-1 guidance and client coaching to take you from a setback to a comeback.                        Application by Consultation Call

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I’m a permanent cosmetic and microblading artist that built a business to 6 figures in a few years.

Now I’m taking the strategies I’ve learned and systems I’ve developed and making it available in a convenient online program.

If it has to do with up-leveling your beauty business, so that you can have the lifestyle of your dreams, I can help.

I've created a thriving business and a beautiful lifestyle, but it hasn't always been this way.

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