Episode 148 - Scaling Secrets for Beauty Business with Michelle from Mish Esthetics

Aug 09, 2023


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Hear about how to juggle a variety of aspects and multiple businesses as a beauty entrepreneur.

  • Discover the resilience needed for scaling a business and building a team.

  • Gain valuable insights for hiring and managing employees specifically for the beauty business. 

Beauty business success stories often begin with unexpected twists of fate. In Episode 148, you’ll hear Michelle Sy from Mish Esthetics' unconventional beginning.  She then takes us through the journey of managing business growth, maximizing employees' productivity, and the qualities to look for in a team member. From hiring strategies to marketing secrets and emotions in entrepreneurship, Michelle's insights are bound to resonate with beauty entrepreneurs at all levels.


This episode is a true tale of unwavering determination and triumph, where Michelle Sy, the visionary force behind Mish Esthetics, carved her path to greatness....

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