Episode 3: How to Combat Imposter Syndrome

Sep 03, 2019


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Find out what imposter syndrome is and how it affects the mindset.
  • Be informed on the causes of imposter syndrome.
  • Learn effective ways to deal with and face imposter syndrome.



While there are different marketing strategies of a business to increase its profitability, it is equally important for business owners to deal with and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.   But what if, as a human being, the business owner faces personal hurdles feeling unworthy of their accomplishments, or lacking self-confidence, or simply not feeling good enough? This imposter syndrome is common to entrepreneurs and April is no exception.  Join her in this episode as she reveals her struggles to inspire others, and challenges her fellow entrepreneurs to get past any blockers that will move your business forward.   


If I put myself out there, yes, it is a little scary.  But look at how...

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