Episode 113: The 3 Must Have Types of Videos

May 17, 2022

Have you been doing videos for your beauty business?

Did you know that 86% of prospective clients watch a video to learn about a brand before making a buying decision?

For most beauty professionals, we show a lot of before and after pictures on social media, but what is essential is a video where they can get to know your personality or possibly see the service in action to overcome their deeper concerns/objections.


In this episode, you will learn:

· The top three must-have videos for your marketing strategy

· Learn the social media updates that will help maximize the visibility and exposure of your beauty business for more clients.

· Rethink the ways you sell your products or services online


Topics covered:

01:58 – Statistics that back up the need to do more videos to reach more prospective clients

03:55 – Understanding brand awareness on social media

05:29 – An unbelievable success story from a 15 second IG Reel

07:08 –...

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Episode 52: Inspiring 6-Figure Beauty Boss Series with Valerie Weber

Oct 03, 2020


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover about marketing tips that will position your beauty business for massive growth
  • Find out the most effective strategy to ensure a consistent flow of clients that will last you a lifetime
  • Learn about the challenges as well as the advantages of hiring a professional team


How do you put your life together when all you've got is a seemingly crippling situation? You've started a business with your hard work, but don't see a single client around. What rubs insult to injury is the crumbling personal life you've got to deal with without family nearby to help you out.

With massive faith and steadfast determination, you can beat the impossible odds and reach success. Valerie proves it as she shares her story. She did it, so can you.

Valerie Weber is the Founder of Dermagrafix Permanent Cosmetic Studio, a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist and Certified Instructor. She began her journey in cosmetic tattooing, where she felt most at home in...

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Episode 32: Should You Sell Now Or Not?

Jun 15, 2020


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Find out why you should stop selling out of guilt and fear
  • Learn about what you can and should do if you decide to open your beauty business at this time
  • Learn about what you can do to keep your business moving ahead should you decide to stay closed for the meantime 



Those of us in the beauty industry have big hearts and we are in this business because we love helping others. That is why we have to be reminded that whatever decision we choose to make at this time must be done out of concern for clients. 

If you choose to stay closed at the moment and not sell, may it not be for the reason of guilt and fear. Feeling guilty that you are taking something from your clients robs them of the right to feel good about themselves because we're not just talking about surface beauty. It’s a lot more than that, it’s about confidence and taking back time that are the real results. Your guilt is...

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Episode 3: How to Combat Imposter Syndrome

Sep 03, 2019


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Find out what imposter syndrome is and how it affects the mindset.
  • Be informed on the causes of imposter syndrome.
  • Learn effective ways to deal with and face imposter syndrome.



While there are different marketing strategies of a business to increase its profitability, it is equally important for business owners to deal with and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.   But what if, as a human being, the business owner faces personal hurdles feeling unworthy of their accomplishments, or lacking self-confidence, or simply not feeling good enough? This imposter syndrome is common to entrepreneurs and April is no exception.  Join her in this episode as she reveals her struggles to inspire others, and challenges her fellow entrepreneurs to get past any blockers that will move your business forward.   


If I put myself out there, yes, it is a little scary.  But look at how...

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Episode 2: Using Video on Social Media for More Clients

Sep 01, 2019


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Learn the current trend in social media that will help optimize your business
  • Know the do’s and don’ts in preparing for a live video that will get you a positive audience response
  • Discover the different live video ideas and start applying them



As social media becomes a necessity in our daily lives, it is also primarily become part of business strategies.  There are various platforms to connect business owners with customers, to promote brand awareness, and to boost sales.  But what is working on social media today?  How does it work?  Tune in to this episode as April answers this question that will help build your audience, get more clients, and ultimately, grow your business.


“Always have a plan, have a strategy and know what you plan to talk about.”

- April Meese


Topics Covered:

01:09 – April answers the question from beauty professionals on the...

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Episode 0: Beauty Marketing Simplified Trailer

Sep 01, 2019

Welcome to Beauty Marketing Simplified!  I'm your host, April Meese.  My goal is to offer weekly business advice, inspiration and some real-life behind the scenes, shady truth type of stories on how to grow your beauty business.

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Episode 1: Introduction to Beauty Marketing Simplified

Sep 01, 2019


 Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Know what drives April to start her podcast
  • Discover the three top qualities that will help you achieve your dreams
  • Find out how April juggles her various roles in life and yet became very successful in each of them


Hello love, welcome to our very first episode!  I am excited, thrilled and delighted that you join me today.  To mark this momentous event, let me share with you my mission, passion, and a glimpse of my journey as a daughter, mom, career woman, and entrepreneur.  This is just the beginning of another long journey ahead, and I’m looking forward that you’ll join me throughout.  I'll be offering weekly business advice, inspiration and some real-life behind the scenes, shady truth type of stories on how to grow your beauty business.  I'll hope you'll enjoy this first episode as much as I do. 


“I believe to my core in kindness, resourcefulness,...

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Five things PMU & Microblading Artists Need to Do to Make an Impact

Feb 01, 2018

Five things PMU & Microblading Artists Need to Do to Make an Impact

We all have a million and two hats that we're wearing. We are running our businesses, we are doing the marketing, we're customer service, sometimes we're the maid service. You know, we gotta clean, we're gonna do all of these things. But I'm gonna give you five things that are gonna make an impact on your business and again, this is just really geared to growing your business. Sound good?

First, we will classify microblading artists into two groups:
(a) Those who have good steady clients that are coming in, and are overwhelmed, trying to balance it and scale and uplevel
(b) Those who are in the beginning stage and are just struggling to make a name for themselves and to get their brand out there

Kind of really stand out in what's becoming an increasingly crowded market. So you're either in those two groups. People classified under Group number A are those just starting out, and they really want to get their...

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