Episode 25: Coronavirus - A Message Of Hope In Uncertain Times

Mar 31, 2020


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Hear a message that will alleviate your fears and anxiety
  • Find out what you can control that will be a big help for you and your business
  • Learn how you can help your community and yourself in the process



This may not be an easy time, but certainly this is the best time to be good to ourselves and to other people around us.  Everyone is experiencing anxiety and fear and now is the right time to take those emotions and channel them into something more useful and meaningful. There are still things we can do to lessen the impact this Coronavirus has brought into our lives.  This episode we have today brings hope and positivity at this time. Let’s go and listen in!


“Right now, just think about, instead of thinking ‘What do I need?’, think about ‘Where am I needed?’.”

- April Meese

Topics Covered: 

01:54 - The time to be sensitive and support each...

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Episode 24: Is Your Beauty Business Prepared For Recession?

Mar 23, 2020



Why you have to check out today’s podcast: 

  • How not to panic and how to devise your marketing strategies so as to save expenses and still show and talk about the value of your services even when everyone is tightening his belt 
  • Learn about the important things to keep in mind during a recession and find out the valuable course of actions to take to help your beauty business thrive in the midst of a tough situation 
  • Find out strategies and proactive ways on where to find clients at a time of recession 



We are at a time where we feel the onslaught of the global downturn. The fear that this big pandemic crisis is gripping us with is evident.  When things like this happen, usually people take 1 of 2 approaches.   First there are those that think of the worst outcome (the sky is falling down) and the other one is, those who are in denial that anything negative will happen.  

This is not to sound...

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Episode 21: Social Media Changes and What You Need To Know

Mar 16, 2020


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Know the impact of the changes in Facebook and Instagram that you should be aware of
  • Learn the different ranking signals that will immensely help in increasing your relevancy score
  • Discover the things that will hurt your relevancy score and how to avoid them



Nowadays, social media plays a massive role in the marketing strategies of every business. That’s why it is imperative that we understand, study and strategize how to utilize these social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This episode is loaded with in-depth and vital information that can guide you with the recent changes in social media. By learning these changes, you’ll maximize the use of these tools that will help you to connect with your potential clients and eventually give positive and progressive results for your beauty business.

For the people to get connected with our brand, we need to have more engaging content...
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Episode 18: The Two Forgotten Marketing Must-Haves

Feb 16, 2020


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Know the compelling reason why you need a marketing budget
  • Why it is crucial to treat your marketing as an investment and not an expense
  • Learn how a reliable front-end and back-end offer plus a strategy to reach out clients can effectively help your marketing strategy



Marketing has evolved over the years.  Nowadays, when you look at any social media platform, you’ll find lots of online marketing tactics trying to capture and win your audience’s attention.  As a business, we need to find innovative ways to reach to our audience, and often it feels overwhelming.  How should I connect with them?  How can I make my marketing message stand out from the rest?  What strategies should I use to convert them into buying customers?  Sure, there are lots of options but the real power lies in understanding the foundations of any marketing plan.  This episode will guide you to...

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