Episode 135: Reframing Failure and the 7 figure mindset for growth with Taylor Perry, Scalp Micropigmentation Artist

Apr 03, 2023


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Hear about Taylor Perry's SMP journey, the challenges, and lessons learned with growing a 7-figure business.
  • Overcoming misconceptions and complications with a service in a newer industry like scalp micropigmentation.
  • Take away valuable insights into how he reframes negative situations and pushes forward for continual next-level growth.


Welcome to a new episode of our Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast, where we delve into the topic of reframing failure and developing a success mindset with scalp-micropigmentation artist and beauty business owner, Taylor Perry.


For many people, failure is often seen as a negative experience that they want to avoid at all costs. However, changing our perspective on handling different challenges and how we think about failure can lead to real exponential growth. In this episode, Taylor Perry discusses his journey with breaking into a new industry, the common misconceptions, and his experience with building a 7 figure business. He talks about the practical strategies for cultivating a successful mindset to navigate the ups and downs of a business. He shares how he has learned to embrace criticism and adopted the mindset shift of believing "everything is working for me" to scale his business to new levels. So, whether you're facing problems in your personal or professional life, this episode will provide you with valuable insights for coping with setbacks, reframing failure, and turning difficult situations around.



Topics covered:


01:13 - Taylor Perry's introduction

02:30 - How he began his professional career

08:22 - Overcoming misconception in Scalp Micropigmentation

14:33- Common complications

17:21 - His choice of tools

20:28 - Knowing how to respect ethnic diversity requests

21:25 - A painful lesson learned

26:30 - Leading with never-been-done-before breakthroughs

28:06 - The changes he wants to see in the industry

31:21 - Advice for his younger self

32:13 - His thoughts about his failures

33:24 - Challenges of growing a brand versus growing a team

37:55 - If you are just starting your business

44:04 - Taylor's upcoming events, announcements, and where to find him



Key takeaways:


"People bashing me, people hating on me, other artists that were here before me, that would really hurt me. Because I wished good for everybody. But, I slowly learned "No it's because I'm successful. If you guys are not doing that, then I'm not making enough noise". So, ultimately learning that was actually a good sign that I am being successful and I'm getting up the ladder." - Taylor Perry


"Understand the cultural differences. You have a "brow daddy" style brow that is saturated, very dark hard lines, and then you have people who like softer natural-looking stuff and always talk trash about that style. But it's just a cultural difference. And there are so many people who love that style and don't like the other lighter style." - Taylor Perry


"The more I market to people who have no clue this even exists, the better for all of us. Somebody needs to do this. It doesn't matter who does them, as long as somebody does them, it's gonna make people aware of what I provide. The more people who market, the more people who (we) make aware that we exist, the better for all of us." - Taylor Perry

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