Episode 99 How Numbers Can Affect Your Business

Jan 14, 2022


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out how you can use numbers with Numerology to help plan your content for the whole year.
  • Learn how to look out for the key numbers and cycles so you measure your business’ growth and scalability.
  • Discover how number cycles can bring more structure to your business and help align your goals with universal energy.


Have you heard of Numerology or the study of life cycles?

How can you use life path numbers to guide you in decision-making for your beauty business?

Are you curious to find out about Numerology for your beauty business?

In this episode, April shares how numbers can help you organize essential action steps and how she will use Numerology for content planning marketing throughout the year.


Topics Covered:

02:36 - Recommendation for your content plan for the whole year 

04:56 - How April got started in Numerology

05:37 - Making use of Numerology and applying numbers to help your beauty business


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