Episode 63: Vicky Martin talks Motivation & Mindset to get through Lockdown & Flourish

Feb 16, 2021


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn how to move past your fear and get things started and done
  • Turn around your "mistakes," learn from them, and look for an opportunity even in the most unfortunate situations
  • Learn how to find the courage to stretch outside your comfort zone and take action so that you can become a blessing to others
  • Discover the simplest tricks to help yourself get through the day and start you off the right mindset every day and any time of the day



It's the start of the year, so what better way to bring it in than with gems of wisdom from our guest Vicky Martin. With her life experiences (shaken and stirred), she has nothing but lessons learned for herself and others, for a better perspective. With her passion for continuing inner growth, she's dedicated to helping others. She inspires us to look within to see the light in every situation that we are in and pursue our ultimate purpose.

Nineteen years ago that was when Vicky...

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Episode 43: Interviewing Molly Klipp on Her Journey from Running a Million Dollar Beauty Franchise to Starting Her Own PMU Business

Sep 05, 2020


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn about the Elevate Program’s transformative power in your beauty business
  • Find out why the Elevate Program is for all ages and even for the non-tech-savvy
  • Discover the kind of community you will have with the Elevate Program and what this program will bring out in you and your beauty business


Maybe you have a lot going through your mind right now. You are not tech-savvy and are too old to learn new things. Or maybe, you say, ‘I know a lot already and my business is doing well…..there’s nothing in it for me anymore.’

But what if, just when you thought you’ve got everything all figured out, the Elevate Program could do so much more for you and your beauty business as it has done for Molly? 

Molly Klip is the sole owner of Carefree Beauty Permanent Makeup with two locations in Lynwood and Arlington, Washington. She's been practicing permanent cosmetics for over six years. And...

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Episode 17: Goal setting for 2020

Feb 06, 2020


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Learn why reviewing highlights from the previous year is always important in setting your goals for the new year and how to effectively do it
  • The reason why a written vision is beneficial in defining your goals
  • Discover the importance of identifying obstructions, distractions and any roadblocks that will keep you from reaching your goals and how to navigate past those



Now that we’re done in identifying the upcoming marketing trends for 2020, it’s now time to do another critical yet powerful task for your business – goal setting.  When you set your goals, you are getting countless benefits for your business – focus, direction, clarity, control, motivation, personal satisfaction, purpose, etc.  The list is endless. 

With my mission to help you grow your business, I came up with this episode and workshop-in-one to discuss the highly regarded importance of goal setting. ...

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