Episode 87: Confidence to Raise Your Prices

Aug 24, 2021


What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Find out how you can achieve a better work-life balance by only having a few clients and still earning more profits in your beauty business.
  • Discover the 3 essentials for establishing higher prices so that you can strengthen your profits and help your prospective clients say yes to buying your products/services.
  • Learn how to develop an excellent money mindset so that you are not afraid of increasing your prices.
  • Understand how to lower your prospective client's perceived purchasing risk so that you get more yeses and sales of your service.
  • Hear about the pricing psychology of how you can anchor your prices to convey the service's value for more sales overall.


You may think having more clients means earning more; therefore, you may be afraid to raise your prices with the thought of potentially losing clients and income. But, on the contrary, you can make more money with less work because there's a more innovative way to...

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