Episode 57: Asking Better Question For Your Beauty Business

Dec 05, 2020


What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Find out what questions you need to ask yourself to keep you on track in achieving your business goals
  • Learn how to set a goal that helps you establish a plan to get there
  • Find out why less is more in growing your business



Asking important questions that concern your beauty business peel off layers of more important issues that need to be addressed. It will not only help you dig deeper and deal with what matters most but that it will help you move closer to your goal easier and faster.  

You must be always on track to where you are supposed to go and asking these questions helps a lot. The questions you ask yourself matter a lot depending on what stage in your business you are in. If you are just in the beginning stage, what concerns you most is getting clients in. What are clients thinking about, what are they dealing with now? How to overcome the client’s objections to your service? Which...

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