Episode 53: Inspiring 6-Figure Beauty Boss Series with Georgie Westley

Oct 20, 2020


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover how to turn the worst situations into doors of opportunities to start a business and be successful at it
  • Find out the latest trends, techniques, tools, and ideas to keep you updated with the best the beauty industry can offer so you can serve your clients better
  • Learn how to keep connecting and engaging your clients even when your business is still closed 
  • Find out tips on how to become more competent and confident in your skills, as well as tricks to fight anxiety and stress so you can fully show up to your clients



How do you break through those times when you feel defeated, and the world inside you is crumbling? How do you maintain a composure even when inside you are cracking? It is hard to imagine building an empire amidst the ashes of a burnt relationship.

Only a strong mindset can see through it all. Our guest for today shares her story to prove that.

Georgie Westley is the owner of...

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