How to Improve Before and After Photos: A Case Study

Jan 11, 2018

Confession time; I sometimes take terrible before and after photos. Photos are a crucial
part of our business because they are the first things clients look at to decide
whether or not we are the permanent cosmetic professional for them. Yet many
of us never really think about how we are taking photos. I decided to examine
the gallery of my work and look for ways to improve the quality of the photos. There are many things that contribute to great before and after photos, but the main three are: the client, lighting, and tools.

The goal is to reveal the best angle of the client, as well as the best angle of the procedure. Most
of us were taught to take photos with the client looking directly at the camera.
While taking photos straight on may be the best way to exhibit symmetry and
an even design, it is not always the best way to represent your work. If the
client looks to the side or an oblique angle, the photo will show the arch
and tail of the eyebrow, or the subtle wing/clean...

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