Episode 92: Favorite PMU Tools Reveal

Oct 30, 2021


What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Discover favorite PMU tools that are already proven and tested by top beauty professionals
  • Learn about the tips they share on how to use these convenient tools for better and faster results.
  • Find out about low-cost tools you can use that produce excellent work at a fraction of the price.


Do you ever wonder what other beauty professionals use as their go-to favorite PMU tools to get the best results? 

Do you want to know the tricks and tips they have for saving time and money to be more efficient in their beauty business? 

Are you looking for those secret hacks to make your services better? 

Our beauty professionals April Meese, Karen Betts, Vicky Martin, Mary Ritcherson, Dawna Mainard, Charlotte Duke, and Shauna Magrath recommend their favorite PMU tools to help you deliver excellent results.


Topics Covered: 

01:39 - The time-saving tool that April calls genius

04:43 - A favorite tool that helps...

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