Episode 141: AI to Transform Your Business with Cutting-Edge Technology

Jun 05, 2023


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Explore groundbreaking AI technology apps that are transforming our marketing efforts.
  • Understand the necessity of incorporating ethics in AI development and usage.
  • Leverage AI to create tailored customer experiences that captivate attention.
  • Gain insights into strategic methods for integrating AI throughout your business operations.
  • Embrace the AI advancements to sustain a lead in the market.


Do you want to enhance customer engagement and streamline processes in your beauty business? 

If so, I have the solution for you. By incorporating the latest AI technology, you can optimize your marketing and increase efficiency with your systems and operating procedures. Revolutionize your beauty business by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to save time and increase your bottom line. 


Topics Covered :


00:00:09 - Introduction to AI in Beauty Business

00:03:11 - Ethics of AI

00:05:01 - Using Chatbots

00:08:00 - Using AI in Marketing for Client Attraction

00:11:22 - Front-end vs Back-end uses of AI

00:14:50 - AI in Social Media Marketing

00:19:25 - Four Pillars of Social Media Marketing

00:22:00 - Importance of AI Education

00:28:59 - Introduction to AI in Business

00:32:11 - Using AI to Create Entertaining Content

00:35:33 - Conclusion and Future of AI



Key takeaways:


"We want to make sure that we are personalizing it and we want to make sure that it is working for us and helping us get clients, not turning clients off." - April Meese


"Imagine if you had your social media done in an hour. It's craziness. And that's what these tools are allowing us to do." - April Meese



Benefits of AI in Social Media Marketing

AI-powered tools have enormous potential when it comes to enhancing social media marketing efforts. These tools can help create and distribute tailored, engaging content efficiently and effectively. Leveraging AI technology in social media marketing can help businesses save time, improve audience targeting, and produce high-quality content that resonates with their target audience. April Meese advises beauty businesses to utilize AI technology to streamline their social media marketing while maintaining core elements such as inspiring, engaging, and educating their audience. She also urges businesses to explore different AI-powered apps and tools that can automate content creation, such as writing, creating memes, simulating voices, or even generating avatars on behalf of the business.



Using Chatbots

AI chatbots are a useful tool for beauty businesses to improve customer interaction and automate responses to clients' inquiries. The chatbots can be programmed to provide informative and personalized replies to prospective and existing customers, which can help increase customer satisfaction rates and foster stronger client relationships. April Meese discusses how beauty industry professionals can benefit from using AI chatbots as a way to save time, create effortless communication, and build trust with customers. Businesses can incorporate chatbots in their customer service process to streamline and enhance the client's journey, providing tailored responses and messaging that cater to individual needs and preferences.


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