Episode 107: Top 3 Keys for Beauty Biz Success

Mar 28, 2022


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Know the 3 keys to success and how to apply them efficiently to achieve your destiny.
  • Where all goals should start to ensure exponential growth
  • How to create more of the results you desire in your business & life


Does your business model align with your goals?

Do you have the right system to support the accelerated scaling of your business?

Are your business skills up-to-par with your current stage of business?


In today's episode, April discusses how to manifest your business goals. What influences our decisions? How will other people's beliefs affect ours? What are the actions we need to take to materialize our dreams?


Topics Covered:

01:40 - What to do beyond setting goals at the start of every year

02:56 - Introduction on the 3 keys to success based on studying Millionaires 

03:54 - April's account of how she was able to raise her prices and improve her profits

06:02 - Understand the different stages...

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Episode 30: How Starting a Covid-19 Garden is Like Starting a Beauty Business

May 13, 2020


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • See how panicking costs you more than it serves you
  • Learn why and when it's harmful to spend more money than you should on your business 
  • Learn why adding value to your customer base is more important than giving discounts




Gardening has taught me so much these days that I can’t help comparing it to starting a beauty business. You have a plan, you want everything to be in place and you buy everything you can to help run things smoothly. Sacrifice and patience are necessary to grow the plants in your garden and achieve goals for your business.

Perfect results do not happen instantly in either a garden or a business. In business there is a knowledge gap and a learning curve to consider, and it takes time as well as money. You need to have a strategic plan to get you through every facet of handling your business. Panicking is the fastest way for your plan to get off track. Purchasing...

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