Episode 1: Introduction to Beauty Marketing Simplified

Sep 01, 2019


 Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Know what drives April to start her podcast
  • Discover the three top qualities that will help you achieve your dreams
  • Find out how April juggles her various roles in life and yet became very successful in each of them


Hello love, welcome to our very first episode!  I am excited, thrilled and delighted that you join me today.  To mark this momentous event, let me share with you my mission, passion, and a glimpse of my journey as a daughter, mom, career woman, and entrepreneur.  This is just the beginning of another long journey ahead, and I’m looking forward that you’ll join me throughout.  I'll be offering weekly business advice, inspiration and some real-life behind the scenes, shady truth type of stories on how to grow your beauty business.  I'll hope you'll enjoy this first episode as much as I do. 


“I believe to my core in kindness, resourcefulness,...

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Where are You Giving Away Your Power?

Feb 21, 2018

Tony Robbins has a quote, and he says that entrepreneurship and probably just business in general is “20% strategy and 80% mindset”. I say it’s 30% but hey, what’s a 10%. So if you think about that — 20% strategy, 80% mindset — it’s the part that we hardly ever focus on and it’s really, oftentimes, the ‘why we do what we do’. We’re going to dive deep and look into the things that we commonly do that might be holding you back in your business.
I know we talk about fear a lot. Part of that is just acknowledging it, right? And we’ll talk about some other things – some other what we call coping mechanisms that we’ve learned since we were infants, since we were child. And ways that we think about things that actually might be hurting us in our business.
I told you we are always giving out value on how to attract clients, but this one is really working on our mindset. So what does that mean? The patterns,...

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Five things PMU & Microblading Artists Need to Do to Make an Impact

Feb 01, 2018

Five things PMU & Microblading Artists Need to Do to Make an Impact

We all have a million and two hats that we're wearing. We are running our businesses, we are doing the marketing, we're customer service, sometimes we're the maid service. You know, we gotta clean, we're gonna do all of these things. But I'm gonna give you five things that are gonna make an impact on your business and again, this is just really geared to growing your business. Sound good?

First, we will classify microblading artists into two groups:
(a) Those who have good steady clients that are coming in, and are overwhelmed, trying to balance it and scale and uplevel
(b) Those who are in the beginning stage and are just struggling to make a name for themselves and to get their brand out there

Kind of really stand out in what's becoming an increasingly crowded market. So you're either in those two groups. People classified under Group number A are those just starting out, and they really want to get their...

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Having an assistant can be your reality or your virtual reality

Jan 11, 2018

Do you ever wish you could clone yourself? Who doesn't want and need more time? Maybe you have an assistant or even a full staff. Have you ever thought of hiring a virtual assistant? Being a one woman business owner I've always felt like I couldn't afford to have an assistant. Between raising twin six-year-old girls, running my business, and starting a new business, I definitely have my hands full. Recently I've felt overwhelmed and exhausted with all the tasks I have to do on a daily basis. As a small business owner I’m “wearing many hats” and am inundated with the variety of aspects of operating an office. I needed help. I wanted a solution. Although it never seemed feasible to hire a full time employee, I knew an assistant would relieve some stress, as well as help take my business to the next level. I heard about virtual assistants and decided to investigate that option as well as look into hiring a traditional assistant.

What is a virtual assistant? A virtual...

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How to Improve Before and After Photos: A Case Study

Jan 11, 2018

Confession time; I sometimes take terrible before and after photos. Photos are a crucial
part of our business because they are the first things clients look at to decide
whether or not we are the permanent cosmetic professional for them. Yet many
of us never really think about how we are taking photos. I decided to examine
the gallery of my work and look for ways to improve the quality of the photos. There are many things that contribute to great before and after photos, but the main three are: the client, lighting, and tools.

The goal is to reveal the best angle of the client, as well as the best angle of the procedure. Most
of us were taught to take photos with the client looking directly at the camera.
While taking photos straight on may be the best way to exhibit symmetry and
an even design, it is not always the best way to represent your work. If the
client looks to the side or an oblique angle, the photo will show the arch
and tail of the eyebrow, or the subtle wing/clean...

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