Episode 100: Celebrating 100th - Revealing the Top 5 Most downloaded Episodes

Jan 25, 2022


What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Behind the scenes of why I started the podcast and all of the ups and downs.
  • Reviewing the top favorites out of the last 100 episodes that you should listen to for your business growth.
  • Hear important lessons from starting and growing a podcast that relates to how you can execute your marketing for a profitable business.
  • What I think about failure and it’s different than you might have thought. 


It's a celebration!  

Yes, we've reached 100 episodes! 

We are so ecstatic about this achievement.  

It's interesting to know that not many make it this far. 

And we are so grateful to you, our dear listeners, for making this happen.  

We are joyful about this milestone!  We invite you to join April in this episode as she shares the lessons learned in her podcasting journey and how it relates to your business growth.   

Not only that, we've rounded up the most...

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