Episode 24: Is Your Beauty Business Prepared For Recession?

Mar 23, 2020



Why you have to check out today’s podcast: 

  • How not to panic and how to devise your marketing strategies so as to save expenses and still show and talk about the value of your services even when everyone is tightening his belt 
  • Learn about the important things to keep in mind during a recession and find out the valuable course of actions to take to help your beauty business thrive in the midst of a tough situation 
  • Find out strategies and proactive ways on where to find clients at a time of recession 



We are at a time where we feel the onslaught of the global downturn. The fear that this big pandemic crisis is gripping us with is evident.  When things like this happen, usually people take 1 of 2 approaches.   First there are those that think of the worst outcome (the sky is falling down) and the other one is, those who are in denial that anything negative will happen.  

This is not to sound...

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