Episode 136: Breaking down a marketing strategy

Apr 18, 2023

What you will learn in this episode:

  •  Evaluate your beauty business progress and identify where a better strategy might be needed for reaching your goals faster.
  •  Discover the importance of knowing your marketing "weak spots" and what area to focus on, so that you can scale your beauty business.
  • Hear April Meese simplifly how to get more clients and reduce any overwhelm when it comes to prospective customer attraction.


Many beauty professionals and business owners share one common struggle. The constant complaint is that so many are overwhelmed with social media and marketing.


They’ve been taught that if they had great service skills and did good work the clients would just naturally flow in without any marketing needed. When they soon realize that marketing needs to be their MAIN job it leads to feelings of being overextended and burnt out each day.


The truth is, marketing doesn't have to make you feel overwhelmed or exhausted. The true definition of marketing is simply sharing your services (i.e. solution) with your ideal prospective customers looking to solve a problem and giving them the option to buy.


In this episode, we simplify the different marketing stages and client attraction steps, so that you can effectively evaluate what areas are lacking and where to focus your energy.


We'll identify areas of weakness and opportunities for improvement leading to more new clients and other successful outcomes.


Here is an episode to break down the marketing strategy for improving your beauty business.



Topics covered:


02:22 - Reviewing your marketing plan

03:33 - Tips for working quickly

06:35 - Understanding real lead generation

07:27 - Mastering audience attraction

07:57 - Analyzing the growth of your business

9:30 - How can you increase visibility

11:34 - Not all followers are buyers

12:10 - Building trust to convert prospective clients

14:42 - Thinking about what clients need and why

16:57 - Getting personal to serve the client better

19:13 - How to get more client sales

22:02 - Understanding the difference between urgency and scarcity

23:20 - The essential task to increase revenue each quarter

26:21 - Be creative in choosing a referral partner

27:46 - Five (5) critical questions you need to ask to grow


Key takeaways:


"Lead generation is not just about growing a following, it is not about how many followers I have, it is not about vanity numbers. Lead generation is how many people do I have their name and phone number or name and an email, so you could follow up or continue to nurture the relationship." - April Meese


"People need multiple touches with you and your brand. They need multiple times to hear about you, to see that you know what you are talking about, to build trust with you, and to build connections with you. To know the answer why they should come to you." - April Meese


"What is your unique selling point? What do you do better than anyone else? Different is better than better. If you do not know how you can uniquely solve their problem, or why they should choose you over the competitor, they would not know. And not only do you need to know, but you also need to talk about it." - April Meese



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