How to BOOM in the treatment room! Tips for Maximum brow retention in record time.

Mar 03, 2021


 Consultation & Forms

  • Send the Medical Health form out before the appointment and as the client to call you if there is anything he/she has ticked ‘yes’ to.
  • Where available, ask an assistant or another staff member to fill in the consent forms with the client, talk to them about their expectations, and run through the aftercare in advance.
  • Split the consultation and treatment into 2 appointments if necessary. The treatment appointment will be much more efficient if you already know what pigment to use and what style of brow to draw.


  • Use whatever measuring tool is best for you and the job in hand (brow ruler/brow guide/freehand/brow mapping). Do not struggle with something that feels awkward.
  • Use the 80:20 method of drawing:
    • Quickly draw on the brows as best you can but stop at the point you normally check and tweak.
    • Ask the client to look at the brows and tell you which one she likes best and WHY
    • She will be telling you how to match the...
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Episode 15: The Vacation Lessons That Can Help Your Business

Jan 22, 2020


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Why taking a vacation or just getting time to have some thinking "white space" will be an advantage to your business.
  • The realities of other people's perfect Instagram photos and why it is essential to not compare yourself to them
  • The substantial difference in being busy and being productive 



My family and I were on vacation in Hawaii and had a good time. We got amazing photos that are Instagram-worthy. But you know what, the whole trip was not as glamorous as it seemed to be. We had major challenges and setbacks, but that doesn't hinder us from enjoying and making the most of these moments.  The good thing is I realized that there are valuable lessons learned from our vacation that can relate to growing your beauty business.

The truth is, it is not always a smooth journey when we are trying to grow our beauty business. We can feel overwhelmed by the bumps and curves that we encounter.  At times...

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Episode 10: How To Be Certain of Your Success

Nov 11, 2019

 Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • find out how your confidence is your currency
  • The importance of setting your goals with your deepest whys
  • The value in making a decision and making it work


What is success for you?  How will you know that you already succeeded?  Success is a complicated to define and the road to reach it is quite a journey.  The good thing is success is possible to achieve coupled with the right mindset and strategies, be it on your personal or business goals.  Join me today in a very meaningful episode as I guide you on how to be certain of your success.  Know why confidence is the key to building and growing your business.  From showcasing your skills and applying your technical know-hows to making big decisions and scaling your business, confidence plays a very crucial role.  Get inspired on why you need to experience discomforts, changes, failures, and disappointments to help you grow and...

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Episode 8: The New Changes Happening with Social Media You Should Know

Oct 14, 2019


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • The importance of getting over your fear in doing videos and what you can do about it
  • Discover the various changes in Facebook that you need to know for your business growth
  • Know the upcoming changes in Instagram to optimize its use as a social media platform



While Facebook and Instagram are popularly known as the two main social media platforms that can help drive a business’s marketing strategy, they are first a business.  And as a business, they keep on changing and improving their products and services meaning the platform.  As their users, we should likewise be smart on how to utilize these platforms to serve our clients better and grow our business as well.

Let me ask you how many times you felt confused by the changes that are happening on social media platforms?  Today’s episode is packed with loads of information and updates that you need to know with Facebook newsfeed,...

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Episode 4: What to Consider Before Starting Facebook and Instagram Ads

Sep 10, 2019


Why you should check out today’s podcast:

  • Build your business by learning the seven top tips to consider before starting your Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Running Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns are great ways to increase exposure, share content, and get clients. 
  • Knowing how to start these campaigns is very critical.  It can make or break your marketing strategy. 


In this episode, I will detail seven rules to consider before launching your Facebook and Instagram ads.  I'll share the do’s and don’ts so that you can start reaching your target audience and generate more leads/sales for your business.


It is critical in your marketing message, and definitely in your advertising to know how to speak to your clients because you do not want to waste your money.  So, you have to know why you are different and how to stand out with your brand marketing message.”

- April Meese


Topics Covered:


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Five things PMU & Microblading Artists Need to Do to Make an Impact

Feb 01, 2018

Five things PMU & Microblading Artists Need to Do to Make an Impact

We all have a million and two hats that we're wearing. We are running our businesses, we are doing the marketing, we're customer service, sometimes we're the maid service. You know, we gotta clean, we're gonna do all of these things. But I'm gonna give you five things that are gonna make an impact on your business and again, this is just really geared to growing your business. Sound good?

First, we will classify microblading artists into two groups:
(a) Those who have good steady clients that are coming in, and are overwhelmed, trying to balance it and scale and uplevel
(b) Those who are in the beginning stage and are just struggling to make a name for themselves and to get their brand out there

Kind of really stand out in what's becoming an increasingly crowded market. So you're either in those two groups. People classified under Group number A are those just starting out, and they really want to get their...

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