Episode 4: What to Consider Before Starting Facebook and Instagram Ads

Sep 10, 2019


Why you should check out today’s podcast:

  • Build your business by learning the seven top tips to consider before starting your Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Running Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns are great ways to increase exposure, share content, and get clients. 
  • Knowing how to start these campaigns is very critical.  It can make or break your marketing strategy. 


In this episode, I will detail seven rules to consider before launching your Facebook and Instagram ads.  I'll share the do’s and don’ts so that you can start reaching your target audience and generate more leads/sales for your business.


It is critical in your marketing message, and definitely in your advertising to know how to speak to your clients because you do not want to waste your money.  So, you have to know why you are different and how to stand out with your brand marketing message.”

- April Meese


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