Episode 68: LinkedIn Strategies with Raluca Topor

Mar 14, 2021


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out how to leverage LinkedIn to increase your connections, scale, and grow your beauty business
  • Hear many of the ways to make the most of LinkedIn to educate your audience and attract people that you might miss on other platforms
  • Discover how you can have the best visibility on Linkedin
  • Find out how to best navigate LinkedIn, fully make use of helpful features to do outreach and create relationships to positively impact your business
  • Learn how to meet and educate more prospective clients before they even know they need your services.



How do you connect with individuals and stay top of their minds through the content you post? Do you want to grow your network, make the most of your connections, and network for collaborations?

You can leverage the power of LinkedIn.  Try the strategies that our guest, Raluca Topor, used to secure more clients.

Raluca Topor is a Career Accelerator and LinkedIn Marketing...

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