Episode 83: How to Boom in the Treatment Room

Jul 21, 2021



What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover about the "five P's" you need to do at the start of the procedure to set the tone, so clients know what to expect.
  • Learn techniques in drawing and designing permanent eyebrows to achieve the proper symmetry for both eyebrows quicker and faster.
  • Know more about the position, speed, and pressure for more pigment retention with your clients.
  • Find ways to properly deal with particular/challenging clients who insist on having their design.
  • Hear about how to set a standard with your clients so that they value your time.


In the beauty business (and in life), time is your greatest asset other than your health. The more time you can save with each procedure, the more clients you can serve, and that means more revenue flowing to your business.

How do you make all these happen and make the time-saving process a part of your daily system?

In this episode, beauty artists and professionals Karen Betts, April Meese, Vicky...

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