Episode 63: Vicky Martin talks Motivation & Mindset to get through Lockdown & Flourish

Feb 16, 2021


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn how to move past your fear and get things started and done
  • Turn around your "mistakes," learn from them, and look for an opportunity even in the most unfortunate situations
  • Learn how to find the courage to stretch outside your comfort zone and take action so that you can become a blessing to others
  • Discover the simplest tricks to help yourself get through the day and start you off the right mindset every day and any time of the day



It's the start of the year, so what better way to bring it in than with gems of wisdom from our guest Vicky Martin. With her life experiences (shaken and stirred), she has nothing but lessons learned for herself and others, for a better perspective. With her passion for continuing inner growth, she's dedicated to helping others. She inspires us to look within to see the light in every situation that we are in and pursue our ultimate purpose.

Nineteen years ago that was when Vicky...

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