Episode 72: Tips on How to Get More 'Yes' in Your Beauty Business

Apr 13, 2021


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 How can you be more aligned with your conversations with your clients and prospects? 

Let's leverage the power of communication by using persuasive language.


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover the persuasive words to use for people to book your beauty services 
  • Learn some key things that align your conversations to attract the right clients to your business
  • Find out how to 'future pace' so clients can visually experience your services' benefits which can also boost your sales
  • Find a way to eliminate procrastination and get prospective clients to take action sooner rather than later 

 "Imagine is such a powerful word because you actually help the client, it's called 'future pacing'."

- April Meese

Topics Covered:

01:06 - One of the most powerful words for sales

03:16 - Using this word will bring more legitimacy...

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