Episode 66: Industry Trends for Your Beauty Business with Marisol Medina

Mar 03, 2021


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn how to find opportunities in change and continue to move forward in your personal and business life
  • Find out the three crucial points in scaling and growing your business
  • Learn how much importance mentorship plays in your business success



Are you learning to balance motherhood, family relationships, life, or any other challenge with running your beauty business? How do you rise beyond the struggles and keep moving forward personally and businesswise?

Look for the opportunities in change and with hopeful eyes to see that there's always something new that you can do to adapt and thrive. The key is to focus your energy where you get a return on investment with less overwhelm. Listen to our guest and find wisdom in what she shares.

Marisol Medina is the Microblading Hub creator, a digital consulting service for professionals in the permanent makeup field.

She is a past journalist that fell in love with digital...

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