Episode 89: Online Education: The Way of the Future

Sep 23, 2021


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out the key things you need to consider before enrolling in an online course so you don't waste precious time and money.  
  • Learn the action steps you need to take so you truly implement what you've learned, and you get maximum return from it.
  • Hear about the different learning styles and what to look for in a course that makes it easier for your preferred type of learning.


There are more ways to learn online than ever before, especially for our beauty industry.  

But with so many options, how do you choose? 

What's the best investment of time and money? You wouldn't want to buy an online course that just sits and gathers cyber dust.

For sure, you want the right course or program that you can make the most of, lets you learn faster, and helps you grow your beauty business. 

In this concise episode, listen as April shares insights and tips on finding a suitable class and investing in an online...

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