Episode 14: Five Things You Must Know Before Starting a PMU Beauty Business

Jan 15, 2020


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Know why the permanent makeup industry is a lower barrier to entry (get started) in terms of cash flow when compared to other businesses.
  • Discover why it is crucial to keep on practicing permanent makeup or whatever beauty service you are studying with models in schools.
  • Learn why proper pricing includes knowing your worth but also knowing what the market will pay.



The permanent makeup industry is not all about a lucrative career and a glamorous business. Remember that it is still a business. For every business to thrive and survive, you are going to invest in many things.  It takes lots of money, time, mental strength, research to learn new and unknown practices, and taking your business seriously to make it work.   In this episode, I will discuss the significant and profound realities of how the permanent makeup (PMU) industry works and the five critical things that you must know before...

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Episode 11: 4 Stages to Growth in Your Beauty Business

Dec 05, 2019


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • How are the four growth stages in your beauty business different from each other?
  • Learn why Facebook ads become more expensive on holiday seasons
  • What are other ways to strategically get cheap ads?



Every beauty business has different growth stages.  It is equally significant to have clarity and be able to recognize these stages as it is to know how to act systematically on the problems that you will encounter.  It's pivotal for a beauty professional to rise to the challenges of a growing company and surpass these stages. 

This episode will discuss the Four Stages to growing your beauty business, how they are characterized by each other, and how to avoid getting stuck in each stage.  Remember that no matter which stage you are in, what counts is that you do something every day to improve your business.  If you only do even 1%, that would sum up to 365% in a year, and that's outstanding...

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