Episode 161: 5 Unpopular Truths (& a bit of motivation)

Apr 24, 2024


What you will learn from this episode:


  • What to do about uncertainty in your business
  • Insights from thought leaders like Dr. Ellen Langer, David Goggins, Dr. Andrew Huberman, Mastin Kipp, Jesse Itzler and Dr. Joe Dispenza on pushing past mental barriers
  • How it can transform feelings of stagnation into progress
  • Strategies for making decisions that shape a successful life and business

Are you a business owner feeling overwhelmed by the hustle and grind? 


In the latest episode, April Meese, host of the "Beauty Marketing Simplified" podcast begins by challenging the fear of failure. She candidly shares her own struggles with discomfort and disappointment, reminding us that these are not signs of weakness but of growth.


The episode is rich with insights from other thought leaders as well. April brings in the wisdom of Harvard professor Dr. Ellen Langer, who encourages us to find joy in the unknown.


Navy SEAL David Goggins' philosophy teaches to push beyond self-imposed limits and to recognize the incredible resilience we possess.


April also discusses Mastin Kipp's work on courage, and Dr. Joe Dispenza's teachings on how our self-perception shapes our reality. Whether it's overcoming past narratives or facing fears, the episode is full of motivation and empowerment.


But it's not just about the mental game. April touches on the importance of aligning with your purpose. She shares Jesse Itzler's mantra: "Never give pain a voice," a reminder to not let obstacles overpower our determination. This episode is more than just a podcast; it's a masterclass in mindset and motivation. 

Topics Covered:


02:06 - Your best learning tool


04:45 - Why you should appreciating uncertainty


06:19 - The antidote for depression and anxiety


08:17 - The mind's role in overcoming limits


12:34 - Your desire and commitment has to be bigger than your obstacles


13:10 - Dr. Joe Dispenza: beliefs are decisions that you've made


14:07 - “The way we define ourselves determines the life we live”


14:14 -  Overcoming is the process of becoming


16:58 - Redefining oneself for a better life and business


18:45 - You are meant for more!

Key Takeaways:

"Failure and discomfort are not just inevitable, they're necessary. They're the stepping stones to mastery and success." - April Meese

"Become okay with failure...failure is how we learn." - April Meese

"Uncertainty isn't something to fear; it's the spice of life that keeps us engaged and eager to see what's next." - Dr. Ellen Langer

"Your self-definition sets the stage for your life's narrative. Choose a powerful story." - Dr. Joe Dispenza

Remember, the journey to success is paved with bold decisions and the courage to face discomfort head-on. Are you ready to redefine your path and embrace the growth that awaits? Tune in to this episode of Beauty Marketing Simplified and take the first step towards a more empowered you.

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