Episode 132: Social Media & Beauty Business Tips with Lisa Doll

Mar 13, 2023


What you will learn from this episode:


  • Uncover the truth of how "going viral" affects your business 
  • Discover social media content that gets attention
  • Hear about the difficult challenges of growing and scaling a beauty business.


In this episode, we'll be discussing the phenomenon of a beauty business "going viral" on social media, what that means, and how it really affects your business.  


With the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, beauty businesses have the potential to reach a wider audience than ever before. But what does it take to create content that resonates with viewers and inspires them to book appointments with your business?


Our special guest beauty business owner, Lisa Doll, will share her experiences of creating compelling content to build a strong online presence and how to leverage that momentum to attract more clients.


We'll also be diving into the hard lessons she learned when growing a successful beauty business.  



Topics covered:


01:09 - Introduction of Beauty Boss Lisa Doll

02:30 - Lisa's journey to permanent makeup

05:09 - Her first viral video on social media

6:00 - The awareness needed to get customers

9:50 - The stages of your business determine the goal

10:31 - The story of her second video that got a lot of views

17:52 - Tips from Lisa Doll on getting attention

21:05 - Lesson learned from the past disappointments

30:10 - Unseen impact of a business name

32:25 - Managing a team

41:42 - Setting boundaries for your employees

45:35 - Being comfortable with disappointments



Key takeaways:


"So many people don't make themselves known (on social media). (it might seem like prospective clients) don't like, they don't engage. But they're actually very engaged [They're aware of your posts]. Whether they liked it or not, or made any comments or sent any hearts, it doesn't matter. They saw it, they enjoyed it. Now we have something to talk about and connect over to kinda further build that relationship." - Lisa Doll


"My goals are very inflated. I'm very ambitious. So my goals even years ago were to get on stage, speak, industry leader, etc. So, me going viral, me getting lots of views, and me having a certain amount of followers may not give me so much extra money on hand, but it does impress "gatekeepers". Who then establishes my value based on those metrics that then give other opportunities, which then allow me to maybe expand my income or awareness." - Lisa Doll



"People want to find things to connect with you. They need to feel that they have a common ground with you or something in common. So that they can begin to like and trust you and start to see you as somebody that can work on them and feel like you have that connection." - April Meese



"People want to come up with great names that are clever but the audience doesn't know what it is. And if they don't know what you clearly do for them and how it benefits, they're gonna walk right past you." - April Meese


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