Episode 26: The Five "R's" You Should Do For Your Beauty Business Now!

May 13, 2020


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Find new ways to connect and support one another in such uncertain times
  • A plan of action for our business to continue without being insensitive to others' plights
  • Learn about the needed five "R's" to navigate our difficult situation



We're encountering a new normal where uncertainty is commonplace, but there is still so much that we can do for ourselves, our businesses and each other to combat this negativity. There is so much positivity and we must support and connect with each other to fill in any gaps and help when needed. No one has all of the answers to what is happening, but the resilient human spirit in all of us remains steadfast and helps us cope during this challenging time. We can come out of this stronger and more ready to grow with each other's help.

This episode focuses on how to find resources, create an action plan, and encourage you to nurture your business as well as our customers who are...

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Episode 25: Coronavirus - A Message Of Hope In Uncertain Times

Mar 31, 2020


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Hear a message that will alleviate your fears and anxiety
  • Find out what you can control that will be a big help for you and your business
  • Learn how you can help your community and yourself in the process



This may not be an easy time, but certainly this is the best time to be good to ourselves and to other people around us.  Everyone is experiencing anxiety and fear and now is the right time to take those emotions and channel them into something more useful and meaningful. There are still things we can do to lessen the impact this Coronavirus has brought into our lives.  This episode we have today brings hope and positivity at this time. Let’s go and listen in!


“Right now, just think about, instead of thinking ‘What do I need?’, think about ‘Where am I needed?’.”

- April Meese

Topics Covered: 

01:54 - The time to be sensitive and support each...

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