Episode 160: Business Perks: Free First-Class Flights and Travel

Apr 15, 2024


What you will learn from this episode:


  • How to use business credit cards to travel first class for virtually free
  • The importance of flexibility and strategy when booking flights with points
  • Tips on applying for the right credit cards to maximize travel rewards


Are you dreaming of jet-setting to exotic destinations or simply taking a well-deserved family vacation without breaking the bank? In this eye-opening episode of Beauty Marketing Simplified, host April Meese shares her savvy secrets to flying first class by leveraging business credit cards for airline points. 


April has flown her family of four to Europe in first class, and now, she's spilling the beans on how you can do the same. She walks you through the step-by-step process, from researching flights to selecting credit cards with the best rewards for your lifestyle. She also dives into the nitty-gritty of meeting those minimum spend requirements without going into debt and planning expenses ahead of time. 


This episode isn't just about travel hacks; it's about making your entrepreneurial perks work in your favor. Whether you're looking to indulge in the luxury of first-class travel or simply stretch your business budget further, April's tips are pure gold.


Tune in now and get ready to take notes. Your next adventure awaits, and with April's guidance, the sky's the limit—literally.

Topics Covered:


00:56 -  How to use your business points to fly first class for virtually free

02:24 - Mistakes to avoid

04:35 - Researching the airline alliances

06:11 - Understanding the fees and bonuses

08:40 - The order of credit cards to apply for to ensure approval

09:35 - Figuring out what credit card will benefit you and your lifestyle most

10:10 - How to get the mile/point bonus without maximizing your budget 

11:11 - Thinking about putting your business expenses on your credit card

13:11 - Be open to all travel options

16:16 - Planning for seat availability and bonus credits

17:28 - Make note for part 2 and send me any question for part 2

Key Takeaways:

"Flexibility and preparation are your best friends when it comes to using points for travel. Don't lock yourself into one airline; explore partnerships and alliances." - April Meese


"Meeting minimum spend requirements doesn't mean overspending. Use your business expenses and planned purchases to hit those bonus point goals." - April Meese


"First-class travel doesn't have to be a distant dream. With the right credit card strategy, you can experience luxury without the luxury price tag." - April Meese


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