Episode 134: Business Partners and Product Creation Insights

Mar 27, 2023


What you will learn from this episode:


  • Discover the secret to a long-lasting business partnership
  • Know how to handle personality differences and how to use them as an asset in growing your business
  • Tips for finding your perfect business partner that aligns with your work ethic, vision, and goal.


In this episode, we'll be exploring the power of partnerships in your beauty business. We'll also be discussing the benefits and potential pitfalls of each. As an entrepreneur, you might be tempted to go it alone, but there are countless benefits to collaborating with others. From tapping into new markets to sharing resources and expertise, partnerships can take your business to the next level. We'll be hearing from some experts in the field, Maddy Jean and Takia, who have successfully navigated a beauty business partnership. They will be sharing their insights and strategies for success.


We will also hear about their journey in teaching and product creation to expand their business. Oftentimes, it takes a team effort to bring an idea to life and to make it prosperous. 



Topics covered:


01:15 - Introduction of beauty bosses Maddy Jean and Takia

5:38 - The power of belief

9:38 - How the partnership began

15:47 - How to assign roles in partnership

21:30 - Tips that led them to an early success

26:09 - Discovery of their signature service and product

30:44 - How they posted challenging content and avoid being flagged on social media

32:15- Handle each other's differences

35:55 - Advice from Tikkia

38:38 - What Maddy wishes she knew sooner

46:52 - Upcoming projects

49:34 - What brings them joy



Key takeaways:


"In a partnership, it is a good idea to find each other's strength and play its role. And sometimes we cross paths like if the other is overwhelmed we can jump and say "Hey what do you need me to help with? How can I assist you?" and vice versa. And that's how we stay focused, and we stay aligned and we stay on the same page. You don't have to know everything but at least you got to know how, in case of absence we have an idea what to do." - Takia


"Our vision is always aligned. Even if we have different visions, we will talk about it. In that way, we stay aligned because we need each other's full force." - Maddy Jean


"I wasn't scared of what people thought of me. I was putting my work out there even though it was not what I thought was great. And I knew in order for me to make money I had to put my face out there, I had to get out there." - Maddy Jean


"So many of us when we're taking our new journey and we try new things in life and the fear that sets in. If you can accept the fact that fear is okay to have but be able to overcome it, you can do anything." - Takia


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