Episode 98 How to Get More Repeat Clients

Jan 10, 2022


What you will learn from this episode:


  • Discover some proven processes to get clients excited to book your services consistently. 
  • Learn how to set up a system of reminders to ensure clients make it to their appointments without costly cancellations. 
  • Hear about cost-efficient ways of advertising your beauty business for a steady revenue flow.


Are you under constant pressure to attract more clients to book for your beauty services?

Do you find yourself worried about how you can keep a steady flow of income into your beauty business?

Are you ready to find out how you can get more client appointments consistently year after year?

Here's how these top beauty professionals, April Meese, Karen Betts, and Vicky Martin, fill their calendar, and get fully booked with repeat clients for increased income with less stress.


Topics Covered:

01:34 - What it means to create an amazing experience for your clients

04:15 - Finding value in building trust with...

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