Episode 113: The 3 Must Have Types of Videos

May 17, 2022

Have you been doing videos for your beauty business?

Did you know that 86% of prospective clients watch a video to learn about a brand before making a buying decision?

For most beauty professionals, we show a lot of before and after pictures on social media, but what is essential is a video where they can get to know your personality or possibly see the service in action to overcome their deeper concerns/objections.


In this episode, you will learn:

· The top three must-have videos for your marketing strategy

· Learn the social media updates that will help maximize the visibility and exposure of your beauty business for more clients.

· Rethink the ways you sell your products or services online


Topics covered:

01:58 – Statistics that back up the need to do more videos to reach more prospective clients

03:55 – Understanding brand awareness on social media

05:29 – An unbelievable success story from a 15 second IG Reel

07:08 – Instagram's latest updates

09:14 – Facebook's new way to engage with clients

11:13 – What are nurture videos, and why are they important?

12:40 – Underutilized video ideas you should implement now

13:34 – Sales Videos for your beauty business that help followers become clients


Key takeaways:

"In 2022 and beyond, you can't be hiding behind your brand. You can't be hiding behind your logo or a fancy website or before and after pictures. I know your skills are great, but skills alone are what it takes to make it in today's world. You have to be visible." – April Meese

"Client's testimonials are so good for selling your services because we trust the opinion of others." – April Meese

"Anytime a platform releases a new feature like Reels or Soundbite, they promote it. So if you are doing it, then you are going to get more engagement and they're (the platform) going to share it for you." – April Meese



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