Episode 23: Are You Playing to Win or Are You Playing Not to Lose?

Mar 23, 2020


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Know the critical steps you can take if your business is struggling
  • Learn why we need to change in order to help our business
  • How marketing enables you to create awareness, capture your clients’ attention, connect with your clients, and convey the value of your services



In social media marketing, there are countless strategies that you can discover.  The challenging part is figuring out what will work and what will not for your business.  But the hardest part is adapting to its changes.  And change is inevitable in social media.  That’s why, as business owners, we also need to change, think and do things differently.  Are you taking appropriate actions to meet your goals?  But what if your business is struggling?  Will you be able to turn it around and save it from dying?

Don’t miss this episode and find out why it becomes harder to stand out in social...

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Episode 7: Boundaries=Self-Worth=Confidence

Oct 08, 2019


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Discover how setting boundaries in your business and personal life will lead you to have more self-worth.
  • What is self-integrity, and why is it a hard thing to do?
  • Learn the actionable advice to define the situations that are crossing over the boundaries in your business and personal life.



Dealing with various factors affecting our own and business lives can be very tough and challenging.  That’s why it is crucial to define your boundaries, to honor yourself, and to have self-worth. Boundaries are the limits we establish to protect ourselves physically, emotionally, and mentally.  When we are clear with our limitations, we are valuing ourselves and defining our self-worth.  And when we are honoring yourself and showing that we have self-esteem, our confidence will grow. 

In this episode, I share my experiences and insightful advice in correlating boundaries, self-worth, and...

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