Episode 61: Learn about Getting Clients from Google/SEO with Ana Perrone

Feb 01, 2021


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn how to get your business on the Google "3-pack" and be on Google's top searches without spending a lot of money
  • Find out why you need to get reviews on Google for your business
  • Discover what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords & tactics work best so that prospective clients can find your business.  
  • Find out why you need to focus more on Google and SEO rather than on social media. 



Are you a beginner or an experienced permanent makeup artist and beauty professional who wants your business to be on top of Google searches? How do you go about landing in Google's 3-pack?

Build your SEO and get reviews for your business.

Ana Perrone was voted one of the best microblading artists in the United States. Ana is the only one in the U.S.A. holding three certificates from all major international microblading schools; Phibrows, Biotek, and Swiss Color®. With 18 years of experience in Brazil and...

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Episode 13: How to Deal with Customer Complaints, Bad Reviews, and Internet Trolls

Dec 29, 2019


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Know the essential things to do and consider when someone leaves a bad review
  • Learn what to say and how to respond to negative feedback and bad reviews


Business owners work hard to get excellent and positive reviews for their products and services to earn the trust and loyalty of their clients.  But, inevitably, it will not always go that way.  Part of running a business is getting bad reviews and complaints.  No matter how you accept and prepare for this negativism, you’ll find yourself sad, frustrated, feeling-not-enough, defensive, etc.  And that’s normal because we can’t please everybody.  But look at it from a different perspective, you can do something about it.  You need to learn how to deal with this feedback, reviews, and complaints professionally.

In this episode, we’re going to focus on how to respond with nasty customer comments, negative reviews, and...

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