Episode 81: Quick Marketing tips with QR codes, Messenger Bots, Hashtags and Geotags

Jun 27, 2021



What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out why you should take advantage of using QR codes and make the most of them for your beauty business.
  • Learn about the importance of automation and how Messenger bots can help you. 
  • Discover unique timing tips for hashtagging and get clients in specific locations with your social media posts.
  • Hear about current resources for creating captions/subtitles so that your videos get more engagement.


In today's episode, beauty artists and professionals April Meese, Vicky Martin, Karen Betts, and Kate Shaughnessy share valuable marketing tips to help you increase efficiency and effectiveness in your beauty business.


Topics Covered:

01:00 - QR codes and how to use them for more testimonial reviews

05:06 - Automating your beauty business with Messenger bots

10:31 - Timely hashtagging to get more clients

14:01 - How to enhance your videos with subtitles 


Key Takeaways:

"You can create a QR code which...

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