Episode 117: Why Email Marketing Works with Barbara Murphy-Shannon

Aug 13, 2022


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out how email marketing can grow your beauty business
  • The email must-haves to get a higher click rate for client appointments
  • How to turn email readers and subscribers into buyers

Do you remember when recently, everyone panicked from a sudden shutdown of several social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and more?

It seemed like their business was in trouble, and they didn't know what to do because all of their communication/marketing strategies relied solely on those social media platforms.

Yes, as you know, nothing lasts forever. We don't own those platforms or our contacts on those platforms. Therefore, getting your prospective clients and customers' email addresses is essential so that you are not dependent on the "borrowed land" of social media.

In this episode, we will review the importance of email marketing and tips on using this tool to nurture prospective clients on their buying journey for your beauty business services.

Topics Covered:

01:21 - A funny story
03:02 - Barbara's background and expertise
06:11 - Your return on investment with email marketing
07:12 - The omnipresent effect
09:01 - Mistakes with email marketing
10:05 - What gets the higher click rates
11:38 - One of the most critical parts of an email
15:06 - Developing a welcome sequence
19:51 - Using "story" in your email
20:25 - Nurturing your audience with email marketing

Key Takeaways:

 "You can't ignore email or you can't ignore social media. You just can't ignore either one. You have to use both to grow your business." - Barbara Murphy-Shannon

 "They say what do I write? Well, that's it. If you solved a problem, tell them I solved the problem, tell them the misconception about whatever product or service you're selling so that you can get more information." - Barbara Murphy-Shannon

 "Email marketing is like dating. You got to know each other a little bit, talk to each other, you got to communicate, talk about yourself, find what their problem is, how you can help them. Build value." -Barbara Murphy-Shannon

"Platforms and individual accounts can get shut down for no 
reason. Sometimes, it's random. Email is always there. it is important to continue to nurture this relationship." - April Meese


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