Episode 124: My 3 Things of focus for 2023

Jan 13, 2023


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Assess where you are in your business.
  • Learn how to sort and prioritize essential aspects of your business.
  • Discover ways to maximize your profit this 2023.


2022 is almost over. Where did the year go?

Some businesses had massive highs, others had significant lows, and some fell in the middle. 

With the growing competition, it can take time to handle the pressure of unlimited strategies. Are you ready for the next level in your business this 2023?

Also, there is always time to equip yourself and seek support through mentorship. Finally, remember that success starts from within, so feed your mind and soul with the right things to focus on the goals!

This episode might help you get mentally ready for the new year.


Topics Covered:

02:46 - Lessons from The Hunger Game movie

06:05 - A key to Master

07:37 - The true meaning of Enthusiasm

09:54 - Another element to master

15:48 - Something we should all master

19:40 - Systems and strategies to create

21:40 - Focusing on the long-term goal

22:30 - Invest in yourself


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