Episode 157: The 2024 Q1 Profit Plan

Feb 01, 2024

What you will learn from this episode:

  • How to set the stage for a successful 2024 
  • The importance of setting audacious goals and the mindset needed to achieve them
  • Strategies for creating effective quarterly promotions for mastering sales
  • The power of decisive action and discipline 

As we wave goodbye to 2023, it's time to reflect on the wins, the lessons, and the opportunities we might have missed. In this episode, April Meese challenges you to look at what you've been avoiding and how to change that in 2024. She unveils the Japanese concept of Misogi and how one defining event can shape your entire year.


April breaks down the crucial components of reaching those big, hairy, audacious goals and shares the secret sauce to a profitable beauty business. You'll learn why your bank account reflects your self-beliefs and how to harness the power of 'I am' statements to shape your reality.


Get ready to dive into the ABCs of marketing and sales funnels, and discover how to turn your services into a compelling promotion that clients can't resist. April gives you a quiz to pinpoint what needs to be improved in your beauty business marketing. She also tackles the importance of daily client outreach and the mastery that comes from frequency.


This episode is packed with actionable insights and tough love that will push you to commit to discomfort and play to win. If you're ready to stop overthinking and start doing, to make decisions and stand by them, and to create a plan that will catapult you towards your dream business, then this is the episode for you.


Don't miss the chance to uplevel your beauty business with April's expertise. Tune in, take notes, and transform your approach to business in 2024. And if you're craving more, April offers the opportunity for a strategy call to dive deeper into personalized coaching and support.

Topics Covered:


00:58 - What did you avoid last year? 

04:10 - What your business bank account says about your self beliefs and discipline

06:50 - Take this quiz to help you improve your business goals for next year

12:05 - Let yourself dare to dream big

15:15 - What habits do you need to have to reach a goal

20:47 - The 3 things that determine successful marketing and sales 

24:06 - Deciding on your quarterly promotions and events

29:10 - Straight talk about sales.

30:48 - The truth about unmade decisions and indecisiveness 

33:35 - The one thing to commit to that will propel you forward with your business

Key Takeaways:


"Your business is a direct reflection of your self-beliefs and your overall discipline. To reach your goals, you need to embody the qualities and habits of someone who has already achieved them." - April Meese


"Sales isn't something to shy away from; it's an exchange of energy and value. You will only sell to the degree that you are sold on yourself and your services." - April Meese


"We don't just dream about goals; we plan for them, and we commit to the discomfort necessary to achieve them. Playing to win means embracing the tough parts of entrepreneurship." - April Meese


Remember, dreams don't come true on their own—plans do. Are you ready to make 2024 your most successful year yet? Join April and start crafting your action plan today.

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