Episode 156: Fresh Start Energy: Harnessing Momentum for Success

Jan 16, 2024

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Know how to create a practical and profitable plan for your beauty business in 2024
  • Discover the psychology how to harness that “fresh start” energy
  • Learn the three essential components for achieving your goals


Happy New Year, beauty bosses! It's time to ditch the vague resolutions and get serious about your success with a concrete plan for profit in 2024. In this episode, April Meese dives deep into the power of a fresh start and how to transform that energy into a strategic plan that will drive your beauty business forward. She'll reveal the three critical parts to hitting your goals, and why just setting them isn't enough.


April will also guide you through the process of setting intentions with specificity and emotion, making decisions that align with your business vision, and preparing for life's inevitable curveballs. Plus, she's offering a free master class on January 18th to help you craft a tailored action plan for the first quarter. Whether you're looking to boost your income, streamline your operations, or simply find more joy in your work, this episode is your roadmap to making it happen.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to join April for an action-packed session that will leave you focused and ready to conquer 2024. Click on the master class link below and get ready to turn your beauty business dreams into reality!

Topics Covered:


 03:31 - The allure of a fresh start and the psychology behind it

 05:43 - The three parts of achieving goals and why specificity matters

 07:54 - The power of assumption and aligning your goals with emotions

 11:20 - Decision-making and how to create a plan that navigates obstacles

 16:57 - The role of self-integrity and having your own back in business

 22:00 - Invitation to the free master class for goal-oriented planning

 22:36 - Embracing the new feeling state of accomplishing your goals


Key Takeaways:


"Write down your goals with the assumption that they've already happened. Tap into the feelings of having achieved them to release the energy of attraction and assumption." - April Meese


"Being decisive and having a clear plan of action is what separates those who set goals from those who actually achieve them." - April Meese


"Your business is a direct reflection of you. To reach your goals, you must become the person who is capable of achieving them." - April Meese


Here is the link for the Profit Plan Masterclass https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMscOuprTgtGdCTfwV7ZRFl1FjOaUq_u9Hb

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