Episode 154: Diagnosing a sales problem

Nov 14, 2023

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Using "sales" as a powerful tool in your beauty business' success 
  • Learn the 3 things that will limit your sales and how to change it
  • Explore the benefits of high-ticket offers for premium clients

Every successful sales journey starts with self-belief and courage to step out of the comfort zone. Imagine seeing sales not as an intimidating transaction, but as an inspiring conversation with your clients, a way to serve them better? Such a bold shift of perspective is the cornerstone of today's episode. 


Join me as I address the three common misconceptions around sales, and how these could be holding you back. If you believe sales are bad, you're missing out on a key opportunity to reach and serve your audience. We also discuss the importance of your mindset, putting your faith above your fear, and articulating the value you bring to your clients with your messaging.


Learn how to maximize your sales by adding value, creating premium offers, and utilizing price anchoring. Tune in to this episode and take the first step towards mastering sales for your beauty business success.

Topics Covered:


01:24 - Black Friday: A ninja strategy


04:50 - What you believe about sales


06:34 - The invitation and the gift


08:39 - The second hurdle for sales


13:34 - Messaging through storytelling


20:07 - Differentiating price and value


21:25 - The case for premium services for high paying clients

Key Takeaways:


"Your services are a gift and selling is just a way of the invitation. It's like an invitation to the party. Some people will say no and some people will say yes. And that's nothing to do with you. It's nothing even to do with them. Sometimes it's just timing." - April Meese

"The more sales you make, the more people you can help. So you have to believe in yourself, right? We have to believe in ourselves. We have to believe that sales is serving and we are reaching people in a different way." - April Meese

"It takes courage to show up and to get no's or feel like you're going to have some rejection. To put something out there and have nobody comment. To put something out there and have nobody respond. To have a promotion and have nobody buy. It's a hit on the ego, right? You're going to feel a certain way and that takes courage. That means you have to come out of your comfort zone." - April Meese

"Storytelling is about marketing and messaging and understanding what messaging is going to align with your audience. It's going to speak to their pain, present a solution, that is going to inspire them, that is going to motivate them, and that is going to bring them to action." - April Meese

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