Episode 153: Redefining Apprenticeship & Mentorship with Amber Guthery

Oct 12, 2023

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn about the importance of apprenticeship and mentoring for career advancement.
  • Discover why feedback, adaptation, and flexibility are essential for business expansion.
  • Understanding the value of developing a solid team in a supportive atmosphere.


In the world of permanent makeup, Amber Guthery stands out as a shining example of an artist who turned her passion into a thriving business. Her journey from being a talented artist to a successful entrepreneur is a testament to her determination and ability to adapt. She navigated the challenges of building a business, established her brand, and created a supportive team. Her story is a source of inspiration for anyone looking to grow in the competitive beauty industry.


In this podcast, we will explore the unique path that Amber followed, the challenges she faced, and the lessons she learned along the way.


Topics Covered:

01:57 - Introduction of Amber Guthery's 

03:52 - From apprenticeship to entrepreneurship

06:30 - The importance of mentorship

11:24 - Developing team

12:57 - Challenges of being a business owner (payroll, admin, etc.)

16:45 - Creating a personal brand and not being in the shadows

19:19 - Losing clients to your apprentice if they leave your business

20:54 - Amber's valuable lessons from spending $30,000 with business coaching

26:00 - Observing employee's strengths and weaknesses

33:25 - Things she wished she had known earlier

37:24 - Advice for those who are struggling in the beauty industry

39:40 - Amber's upcoming events


Key Takeaways:

"It's really important to be watching and shadowing as much as possible. Seeing all the different cases and all the different scenarios, especially everybody's skin type is so different. There are days where I'm like, oh, I've never seen that before, but I've seen so many different situations at this point that I felt like that really helped me move along much more quickly." -Amber Guthery 


"Business coaches are not cheap, nor should they be. Because if I would have learned all of that business stuff on my own, it would have taken me five years." -Amber Guthery 


"Don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help because whether it's help with a technique, or even if you just need somebody to talk to. That is super important to have somebody to be able to bounce an idea off, talk out loud, vent to because we all need to vent." -Amber Guthery 

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