Episode 151 - Evolution in the PMU Industry: An Interview with Beauty Boss Shauna Magrath

Sep 19, 2023

What you will learn from this episode:

  • The evolution of the PMU industry and the introduction of new techniques
  • How scalp micropigmentation can transform your business
  • The importance of safety protocols and training


In our latest episode, I sit down with Shauna Magrath, founder of Beauty Ink, Permanent Makeup Artist, Scalp Micropigmentation Artist, speaker, and educator. Shauna is a pioneer in the makeup and beauty industry, known for her scalp micropigmentation. She's even an Emmy-honored makeup and special effects artist. Talk about an industry OG!

During our chat, Shauna takes us on a journey through her 30-year career, sharing how she witnessed the rapid evolution of the PMU industry and introduced groundbreaking techniques. Shauna also emphasizes the importance of safety protocols and the need for comprehensive education in the industry. She spills the beans on her in-depth training program, SMP Essentials, and has some exciting innovations on the horizon of a top-secret project that she can't wait to share with the world.

Join us in this conversation with Shauna as she shares her wisdom, experiences, and valuable tips in the exciting world of PMU & SMP beauty.


Topics Covered:


04:15 - Evolution and advancements in the beauty industry over time

06:37 - Hybrid brow technique in permanent makeup

09:08 - Advancements in pigments and needles

10:51 - The evolution of training

13:10 - Changes in pigments and aftercare

21:03 - Safety Protocols

22:32 - Importance of Fundamental Education

25:14 - Nurturing Clients and Referral Networking

31:57 - Shauna's training methods and techniques

33:56 - Bringing Joy through Helping Others

Key Takeaways:


 "Every art form evolves, and the beauty industry is no exception. "Remember, in beauty, one size doesn't fit all! Understanding color theory and proper techniques for cross-contamination prevention are essential to cater to diverse clients. Also, investing in necessary equipment and education for safety is non-negotiable. – Shauna Magrath 


"How do you achieve longevity in the beauty industry? Focus on client satisfaction and referrals. Nurturing clients, monitoring their progress, and making them feel valued is the secret behind a successful career in beauty. Also, building referral networks with hairdressers and barbers can boost your client base.   – Shauna Magrath  


"Bringing joy to others, that's my daily goal! Whether it's opening a door for someone or assisting with a flat tire, every act of kindness counts. And in our industry, we have the chance to bring joy daily, through our artistry and care.  – Shauna Magrath 


"It makes such an incredible difference to their life and it makes it all worthwhile in the end when you can see somebody completely eliminate all their insecurities and walk out the door feeling like a whole new person." - Shauna McGrath 


"I won't stop giving and I won't stop helping and I won't stop enriching the lives of people that I touch every day." - Shauna Magrath



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Beauty Ink Inc - Shauna Magrath's beauty business: Website - https://www.beautyink.ca/ 


Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/beautyink/ 


SMP Essentials Training Program - Shauna Magrath's interactive online scalp micropigmentation training program: https://beautyink.teachable.com/p/smpessentailsyourkeytosuccessinscalpmicro-pigmentation

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