Episode 149: How to create consistent demand

Aug 21, 2023

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn how to express your value and overcome price objections (even in a recession)
  • Hear about the essential parts of fantastic testimonials and the types/variety of social proof
  • Discover the most critical type of social media post you need for more clients


Ever found yourself trapped in the maze of beauty marketing, only to wonder, "How the heck do I get consistent clients knocking on my door?" No more fretting! Episode 149 is coming to your rescue. We're diving deep into the art of creating a consistent demand - because let's face it, in our world, consistency is everything!

In today's episode, April Meese is sharing her insider secrets. We're talking about how to put your value into words that even the most penny-pinching client can't resist, the secret sauce behind those jaw-dropping testimonials, and more. Whether you're a permanent makeup artist, lash artist, skincare specialist, or beauty aficionado, Episode 149 is your passport to crafting a captivating brand and fostering demand that shines. Tune in, as we embark on a journey where beauty meets business brilliance! 

Topics Covered:


1:22 - How to be relevant to your prospective client

3:09 - The most important aspect of business

3:30 - Why your work doesn’t equal your worth

5:34 - What to do constantly and consistently in marketing 

4:42 - What does your prospective client perceive about you?

9:15 - Overcoming price objections

9:34 - The number one thing to increase demand for your services

12:11 - Addressing a deeper fear or objection with your marketing

14:31 - The essential parts of fantastic social proof 

16:02 -  Understanding the difference between a website and a funnel

17:45 - The must-have words for every testimonial

19:02 - A “gem” tip for every beauty professional

21:54 - How to get more testimonials

24:32 - #3 way to create consistent demand for your services

25:13 - Misconception about marketing

27:35 - The key way to ensure you do more video content

28:05 - Increase your content creation with AI

Key Takeaways:


"Being relevant means to be able to articulate your value and to articulate your value in not that you are just a nice to have beauty service. They're not coming to you for lashes or brows or whatever the service is, they're coming to you, as I always say, for more time-freedom, they're coming to you for really a lot more confidence." - April Meese

"Your worth is not tied to your work, right? Your work does not equal your worth, but your worth, and how you value yourself will be reflected in your business and your life and all of the things. Like it's  So cliche but so true like how you let people treat you, what you charge for your prices, or what you believe that you can get...that is all reflected in your business." - April Meese

"People need reminders and new people are coming into your atmosphere. New people are finding out about your business. New people might be finding you on social media or new people might be looking for a solution. And so because of that, we wanna make sure that we are continually expressing right, constantly and consistently expressing how we solve the problem and meeting the client where they are at."- April Meese

"You need a variety of social proof, not just before and after. You need social proof of other people talking about how you solve their problems. That's the best social proof." - April Meese


"People value other people's opinions and they value  when people express those opinions." - April Meese


"One of the ways to get more social proof is to get it on the spot. Don't procrastinate. As they say, the delay is the death of the sale, but the delay can also be the death of your testimonial. So get it right then, but also give them a framework, help them do it." - April Meese

"One of the things I tell my students is, I say to announce when you are going live. When you announce it, you are committed to it. It keeps you accountable." - April Meese


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