Episode 147 : Blazing Your Own Path with Tamia Haynes

Jul 27, 2023

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover the mindset to overcome obstacles and push you towards your goals
  • Understand imposter syndrome and how to recover from it when it arises.
  • Learn how to stand out from your competition and the biggest lesson for faster success.

Join us as we talk with Tamia Haynes and delve into her wisdom, uncover her secrets to success, and learn from her invaluable insights as a leading beauty business owner. Hear about Tamia's journey from being a payroll manager for Hyundai's corporate office to a revered permanent makeup artist. Her courage to pursue her passion and transition at age 43 into this dynamic industry exemplifies the power of following one's heart.

She sheds light on the importance of research when selecting mentors and trainers, emphasizing the significance of a good fit in this personalized profession. She candidly shares her experiences and challenges, including overcoming imposter syndrome—a common hurdle in any creative pursuit.

Prepare to be inspired by invaluable insights as Tamia Haynes takes us on a fascinating exploration of her life, career, and the business of permanent makeup. 

Topics Covered:


01:02 - Tamia Haynes introduction

3:00 - Her career before transitioning into the beauty industry

7: 24 - Things she should've known when starting her business

8:22 - Dealing with impostor syndrome

12:17 -What to do when you have a bad days

13:56 - Overcoming struggles

14:28 - Invest for success

17:30 - The biggest lesson when starting your business

18:50 - How to stand out from your competition 

22:00 - The wedding vs marriage analogy 

27:08 - Changing the Regulation in PMU

28:31 - Biggest lessons she learned from her struggles

31:50 - Tamia's upcoming events

36:53 - What brings her joy

Key Takeaways:

"You have to be able to talk to yourself through the bad times. And you gotta know that it's okay. To feel a certain way. It doesn't mean that you're losing because you're in tears that day or you're having a struggle. Your struggle is gonna make who you are later because you push through those struggles. Nothing worth having comes easy. The more you work for it, the more you'll see success." - Tamia Haynes

"You might be able to learn a couple of things, but you should please stick with brows, then move the lips. You have to give yourself grace and give yourself time because that way, you won't be mediocre. You'll be good, very, very good at one thing and then get very, very good at another. And just let your work speak for itself." - Tamia Haynes

"Once you find where you fit in and you don't stop looking at what other people are doing, you could be inspired. But at the same time, you got to know that you have your own style and you're always doing things and that is okay. It's not one way or the highway and you will attract what you are in the industry."- Tamia Haynes


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