Episode 145: Powerful Video Collaborations

Jul 10, 2023

 What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover the transformative power of video collaborations for increasing the visibility of your beauty business.
  • Hear about leveraging your connections for future promotional opportunities and sales.
  • Understand how to position yourself as an industry expert with successful video collaborations.


Getting more quality clients is the goal of every beauty business, right?  Absolutely, and that starts with brand awareness and exposure. One of the simplest ways to expand your brand's visibility and recognition is through video collaborations. Not to mention, by tapping into another professional's audience, you're also creating an opportunity for cross-promotion and more sales. This strategy increases your potential audience base while ensuring that your content specifically targets those who are likely to be interested. So brilliant!

Additionally, repurposing video content from the collaborations can extend the timeline and reach of this increased exposure. April shares in this episode how repurposing content from collaborations can continually bring new awareness and engagement long after the initial broadcast. Furthermore, she emphasized the ripple effect that video collaborations often have, citing the Law of Reciprocity, and the enhanced brand trust as a bonus of these partnerships.

Topics Covered:

00:01:09 - Introduction to Video Collaborations,

00:03:03 - Finding the Right Collaborators,

00:07:00 - The Secret Benefits of These Partnerships,

00:09:44 - How to Maximize Your Brand Visibility with these Collaborations,

00:14:00 - The Powerful Law of Reciprocity and how it Helps You,

00:16:42 - Knowing The Right Way to Build Business Relationships,

00:19:00 - Additional Benefits You Haven’t Thought About,

00:22:45 - Your First Step to Start Video Collaborations, 

Key Takeaways:


“Collaborations are not only good for the soul, but they can also boost your beauty business and attract more clients. When you put video and collaborations together, the results can be powerful.”  - April Meese


"You wanna make sure that the person that you're collaborating with is a good fit for your brand  and it's somebody that you would actually want to talk to and collaborate with. That's really important. And because that's a reflection of you. Who you bring on. Your platform and who you bring on to interview. Is a reflection of your business as well. So you wanna make sure if there is an alignment with that and your values." - April Meese

"I love video collaborations because I like to learn from people and I like to hear their perspective. And sometimes they say something that, like the journey is hard, which we all know, right? It's challenging and you got to keep going. But they say it in a way where I'm like, Ooh, yeah, that's really good. Like it just feeds my soul. So when I'm interviewing people, a lot of times, of course I learn something, but I also like to enjoy the conversation." - April Meese

"Don't just collaborate with somebody because you think they have a large following. Because I can't tell you how many times I have collaborated with someone or interviewed someone that has maybe 75,000, a hundred thousand followers, and they have very low engagement. I'm not saying that those followers are bought. They could have been, maybe those followers just aren't engaged anymore. And so, I'd rather have somebody that even has a small audience that has a very engaged audience." - April Meese

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